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I personally have listened and liked Slipknot's "before I Forget" and many other songs by them. From listening many times to the song y...


Introduction: Hand of Honor, Hammer of Justice, Paladin from birth 'till death

Name: Eurwyn Farbrook

Age: 18-19

Color: Dark Blue for Gauntlet and armor trim.
            Golden-orange for Hammer and aura/semblance

Race: Nordic/Germanic Human

Influence: The character is for all intensive purposes is myself in the world of Remnant, He is also based on the Paladins of other lore that I've identified as in all aspects of my life. 

The first name is "Eurwyn" is Welsh for Gold & White, invoking the golden-orange color and the idea of "Holy light".
Where as Farbrook is meant to invoke the somber blue-gray of a forest brook.

Setting/Occupation: Beacon student. Originally from a remote village on the dragon-like continent between Vale and Atlas. Parents originally from Atlas and good friends with several inventors there, (currently living there following the village's destruction).

Gender: Male

Dark brown straight hair of short length. Short beard located around only the mouth. Nordic yet just slightly tan. Calm grey-blue eyes. 6'1" height. Thin athletic build, all muscle yet still thin in bone structure. Large claw scars on upper torso and cross scar over right eye, Left arm missing below the elbow, replaced with a gauntlet that will be described in the weapons section.

Pants: Gray loose fitting cargo pants with white Plate greaves. Shoes: White plate reinforced sneakers. Upper body: Chain-mail hoodie of basic grey color with a white Tabard emblazoned with his symbol. Plate chest armor attached over the hoodie but underneath the Tabard. White(with blue line accents) Plate Pauldrons, vambrace, and gauntlet with open finger glove also worn.
Influence: Clothing is basically a hoodie and cargo pants combined with paladin/crusader armor. reference images here, here, herehere, and here

Accessories: Large leather & metal bound book secured shut by a latch attached via a chain running along the spine of the book to lower back(variable chain length). Two crossed blue belts to secure pants and previously mentioned book. Goggle/glasses of grey color that hand around the neck when not worn.

Symbol: Dark Blue kite shield with a golden-orange cross meeting a white wolf's head on the center of the shield.

Personality: Kind, friendly, that of a paladin. Strongly upholds the values of honor, truth, justice, love, and courage. Kind to friends and willing to even give enemies ONE chance to resolve conflict or change their ways. Serious on matters of grave importance but loves to crack jokes or enjoy a good laugh (though not at the expense of others). 

Flaws: Not subtle at all! terrible at picking up on subtle cues and terrible at being subtle himself. A terrible liar, will instead keep silent and smile if telling the truth could get someone hurt/killed. Intelligent and loves learning new facts HOWEVER bores easily on uninteresting subjects and can then be easily distracted. 

He is a kind warm-hearted person who likes to make new friends and help people. Also loves learning and quite intelligent yet can be easily distracted outside of battle. Seems a little quiet at first due to his habit of listening to people to learn more about them, yet if engaged in conversation can become very talkative on matters. Yet on the other hand he is not a subtle person and is terrible at subtle hints, will often look confused at someone if they make many subtle hints. Terrible at reading the emotions of complicated people although always tries to help (like when trying to give someone a hug results in a punch to the face.) Also is quite straight forward in dialog, will always be kind and resolve any conflict but will not straight up lie to people which can sometimes result in offending people. Always tries to see the best in people even when he can get injured in trying to convince people of that good.

Skills/Abilities: Avid reader, able to survive quite well in the wild due to growing up in a remote village, high endurance, Extremely durable/tanky, good at fighting with allies, good defensive strategist.

Weapons and Fighting Style:
Honor & Justice: Large two-handed Axe-hammer/shotgun of white-grey coloration with golden-orange engravings and energy color. In melee form one side of the weapon head is hammer face with the other side having bearded axe style head with the 4 barrels of the shotgun form mounted on either side. The hammer side is the main striking head with the shotgun barrels on the axe side being used to increase the momentum of the strikes. The axe head is mainly used in the execution of grimm with the gun barrels used to finish off and dislodge the axe head from any grimm it might be embedded in. In gun form its a medium length shotgun with stock, the shells must be discharged via a pump-action. the blasts have great range for a shotgun and medium spread to be used in engaging enemies outside normal striking distance. The transformation process is very similar to Nora's Magnhild.

Shield & Shatter: The shield/pile bunker gauntlet arm replacing the missing left arm starting at the base of the elbow. The gauntlet is 2-3 times of the other arm and is engraved with a wolf's face and has the end of the pile protruding a foot from the back of the elbow. It is able to project a crystalline kite shield from the wolf face that when attached to the gauntlet is nearly indestructible but would eventually shatter from massive sustained damage.  It also houses a extremely powerful pile bunker that requires a lengthy charge time before being deployed, is only used on grimm due to it's lethal purpose. It can either fire from the top of the wrist or from the center of the hand when he is enraged. The coloration is a white with a Dark Blue glow emitting from the wolf face and the crystal shields formed from it the same blue color. It is not only based on War from Darksiders left arm but also Reinhardt from Overwatch's left shield arm. 
War reference image
Reinhardt reference image
pile bunker reference image

Fighting Style: He fights with a strong protective mindset. Puts defending allies above eliminating enemies but will make a steady advance on the foes if currently defending via use of his shield. When the need arises to engage long-range foes will take a secured stance and start raining fire via the use of the gun form. Always tries to be at the frontlines of combat and refuses to stay at the back due to the need to defend his allies. Up close, fights with a balance of aggression and defense, using his shield/gauntlet to control the movement of the enemy if possible. When fighting Grimm he will use both the pile bunker and axe head to dispatch them as quickly as possible, however these are not used when fighting fellow humans/fanus except to disable equipment/vehicles/robots. In simplest terms: he is a indomitable tank that can however be dodged or outmaneuvered easily if the flow of combat is not altered.

Aura/Semblance: nearly identical to basic holy magic of paladins of other lore. Aura provides the basic protection of similar auras and a healing factor comparable to Jaune's. Semblance is holy protection, moderate protection and healing that can be projected radially to nearby allies however at the cost of not healing him while projected and being physically exhausting if sustained for too long. The color of both the aura and semblance is a golden-orange with a glyph inscribed with holy like symbols appearing under him for the duration of radial projection.

History: Grew up with his family in a remote village on the dragon-like continent between Vale and Atlas, village was comprised of both Vale and Atlas citizens who wished to try live among the forests and mountains of the region. When he was 10 years old the village was attacked by a large mass of grimm. He attempted to protect some fellow villagers with the shield he was training with however a Beowulf Alpha relentlessly attacked until the shield finally broke then bit down on the shield arm and tossed him half way across the village, tearing the arm off below the elbow in the process. Eurwyn and his family survived but half the village was lost before an Atlas patrol fleet arrived and evacuated the survivors. Now living back in Atlas with the aid of his parents old time friend(a renowned Atlas weaponsmith/inventor) He developed his current arm and weapons and began training as a huntsman so he could protect those who could not defend themselves. After years of training he was able with aid from his family transfer to Vale and eventually get accepted to Beacon.

Team: currently none, however aids his friends in their endeavors.

Fanfiction: N/A

Themes: Afterlife-neon feather remix by Switchfoot

            Orchestral music-Paladin by James Mehl

Quotes: "Anyone can be a good person, they just need someone to show them how."

            "I am a Paladin because I was born to help others, to stop this world's light from flickering out."

            "This? I lost my shield once, this is so I never will again."

            "How can you say you've lived life if you haven't danced like an idiot at least once?"

            "You could say i'm quite...SMASHING!"
Eurwyn Farbrook RWBY OC/PC
My personal/original character for the world of Remnant in Rooster Teeth's series RWBY. This took a while to revise and edit, any feedback on it would be appreciated. ^_^
Removed the O/PC page to update and change several things on it.
Growing up and getting wiser. The silly kid I was is gone, and it's about time I act as I should (still gonna have a sense of humor though).
Well I'm alive again and considering coming back to DA. Looking back at all my old statements, wow I was a weird depressed weirdo. Finally getting gradually back to where I am meant to be in my life. I've had a crazy time at college, and it's definitely helping me wise up. (I'm still no where as crazy as some of my friends here, hell I don't even party or drink.) Hoping to make my future art and dialog more accurate of who I am as a person. I was born to be a paladin of the world, it's high time I grow up and start acting like it.
Well I'm alive again and considering coming back to DA. Looking back at all my old statements, wow I was a weird depressed weirdo. Finally getting gradually back to where I am meant to be in my life. I've had a crazy time at college, and it's definitely helping me wise up. (I'm still no where as crazy as some of my friends here, hell I don't even party or drink.) Hoping to make my future art and dialog more accurate of who I am as a person. I was born to be a paladin of the world, it's high time I grow up and start acting like it.


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personal quote: Smile for Death.

Hi my name is Tucker I'm a geek, gamer(fps, MMO, RPG), and an athlete(lacrosse and XC running). I'm not that good at drawing so I do poems instead (I might eventually try drawing but my friend said I was good at poetry) . Oh and :iconshaynaclaw: is one of my close friends. she is awesome, you should watch her art.

Oh and I (almost) always feel like an old man. -__-


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